Get Well Soon Noelle

Our niece Noelle had her tonsils removed this week so we took her this gift basket. I love making these. I hope it brightened her day:-)


Our little Taia is already 6 weeks:-( Time goes by so quickly. I remember writing this about Kya. It's seems like such a short time ago and she will be 3 in April. I love them so much and so thankful for all the sweet memories.


Sew Fun

I have been in Activity Days for 4 years now and every year when the new group comes in, we make pajama bottoms. This year I decided to have them make pajama bottoms for the American girl dolls instead. This was a lot harder, I will stick to the human size ones...lol
Sasha made her a pair for her doll and did a great job I must add.
Kaili is not into dolls but she mad Sasha's friend a pair. The girls get so excited to see what they can do. They want to make themselves a matching pair. That will be cake compared to the doll pair:-). I love to teach and I love to learn new things. I'm so thankful for all the things I have been taught and how I am able to teach others.


Sasha's Baptism

What a special day for Sasha, she was Baptized November 18, 2011. Don baptized her and confirmed her. She was so beautiful that day.
I loved her beautiful white dressed she picked out.
We bought her a doll and I made the doll an all white outfit so she would always remember this special day. She was so happy.
This is her best friend Malea. She is such a sweet girl:-)
I hope Sasha always keeps the thoughtfulness she has for others, Jason and Brittnie were so proud of her and the decision she made to be baptized.
Sasha and her other grandparents, Wayne and Corrine. She is so blessed to have so many people that love her. Sasha always remember to choose the right "CTR" and your life will be happy, I love you so much. Love, Nana


Forgot about Christmas

I forgot to put my Christmas post up. Me and my honey on Christmas day. We had a great day, first we went to Stacie's in the morning, then we went to Brittnie's for breakfast, then came home and everyone came over.
This is Jason my niece's husband. I love him, he is always so sweet to me.
Little Taia on Christmas day. We all went and seen her at the hospital. It was nice because the little kids didn't get to see her until that day. It made our Christmas complete.
Stac, Brittnie, my neice Alisha and Brans on Christmas.
Brittnie and her family:-)
Stac and her cute family, minus Taia.
My brother's family minus Mike and Ami.
Sidney and her new slippers. She was so excited because she went to the Nutcracker and one of the dancers gave Sidney her shoes signed. She is really good at standing on her toes. I love my family and what a great Christmas we had with all of them.


Happy 2012!!!

Little Taia's first New Year. I didn't do the New Year's Eve dinner this year. I had to let one tradition go because it's getting to be too hard. I always do dinners so I thought it was more important for the kids to be together with me and Don giving them our full attention. My mom use to do these parties for our kids when they were little and they still talk about them. I will carry on this tradition for as long as the kids want to come.
Our group this year, minus my niece's 2 kids picture. They came to the party but they didn't spend the night. I love the matching things but I know they are getting to an age that it's not cool to match.
Kaili and Abbie, so cute. 2012 I would love for it to not go as fast as 2011. I really can't believe how fast it went by. I pray this year will bring our family HEALTH. I could careless about anything else, we have had a enough health issues. Thanks to all our friends and family that has lent a hand during all our families time of trouble. Without all of you we could not have done it. You made our burden a little lighter, I love you so much!!


Taia's First Bath

I was so happy Stacie and Kevin saved the first bath for me to do. I got to do it with all the kids. I have a system. I get everything ready and the main thing is I put the towel in the dryer with the blanket. It makes them wide awake because they are snugly warm. Then they also have to have lots of baby lotion, my favorite is Baby Magic but Johnson's is fine also. There is nothing like a yummy smelling baby. When I use to babysit I would have to bathe the babies so I would want to hold them. I love clean sweet smelling babies:-))
She is so beautiful. She is 2 weeks here, the day she got home from the hospital.
We also must do the shelf picture. I know it looks scary but there are 4 adults right by her. They are only tiny once and it is so fun to show them when they are older where they use to fit. We love our Tiny Taia so much.